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Our Social Responsibility

In addition to the export orientation the company is dedicated in social welfare. It is intended to empower Nepalese women in developing them as productive, literate and self dependent group, which has been the main objective/aim of this industry all the time. In a developing country like Nepal, there is a male dominant environment due to which women are limited to the household works only and depend fully in the income of their husband. Though, there has been still some remainder to bring out the complete change, Subha Sagun through its urge has been successful to participate in the women empowerment program through the following tasks;

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1.The industry provides the free training to women with raw materials, best supervision and other investment on it’s own expenses.

2.The useful materials produced during the training period even at the first day of the training period is considered to be valid as their earning, hence they get paid with their full wages in consideration.

3.Education and literacy are the foremost aspect of the human development, Subha Sagun through it’s effort has been planning to provide the education, moral skills and literacy program to women. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances (economic barrier) it hasn’t been succeed to do so, proper support of customers will help with the optimization of the needs to run the program. Though we do not accept donations, considerable payment for their work (products) and regular supports with orders will be very much sufficient to upgrade those plans.