Woolen Felt Balls Manufacturing Process

Wool is the only raw material which is used to make felt balls. Though wool is Sheeps for woolcommon material around the globe, the one we use is from New Zealand or Australia. The wool is from Sheep and is extracted without harming the animal. It is in the natural state (i.e. white to beige colored fibers in bulk). The wool thus produced is imported to Nepal.

The imported wool is in a form of cube weighing up to 500 kg. It is then processed through carding in a carding industry. The wool is thus converted to white wool or other natural forms in a roll of half kg. The white wool rolls are then weighed and dyed in the required color in the dyeing industry.

Dyed wool is then received in the factory for making woolen felt handicrafts. It is in the wet state, so it needs to be dried in sun for a day. The dry wool is sorted and stored in Storeroom.

Now, the work begins.

After receiving the orders, we calculate the amount of wool required to manufacture the desired amount of balls. The wool roll is converted into small balls.

Material Required:

Wool,     Water,        Soap,            Net,             Wood Plank



The wool-roll is divided into several small stripe with the help of fingers. It is then Beige Natural Wool Felt Ballswarped into small spherical pieces, around 25 % larger than the required size of balls. The warped spheres are then soaked into soap and water. After a while, it is taken out and placed in a rough surface and slowly moved in a rotary motion by a wooden plank. The balls are continuously checked for firmness and size. The pressure and speed is gradually increased so that the sphere is tightened to give a ball.

Felt Balls thus obtained is washed and soaked in a hydro machine. The moisture content is reduced by over 90% and remaining moisture is dried in sun. Hence, woolen felt ball is finally prepared.


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