How are we different from other companies?

Shubha Sagun is a wool handicraft industry located in the lap of Himalaya. As other similar companies, we manufacture woolen felt balls, felt ball rugs, baskets, toys, dog house, cat house, Christmas decoration and many other felted, needled and sewed items.

The work and items are same, so, how are we different?

Below are some points to describe our specialities:

  1. Long felting experience: It has been 10 years since we started felting. So, we have a experienced set of working people including adequate supervisors and managers.
  2. Raw Material: The only raw material we use is wool. Unlike many other companies which use cotton and other fabrics inside the balls, we only use wool, imported from New Zealand and Australia. The wool quality is well to be praised.
  3. Product Quality: The first and foremost concern of our company is a high quality product. For this, we have continuous supervision from wool dyeing, ball manufacturing and rugs making process. The balls are firm and compact and we have unique set of sewing techniques.

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