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Pashmina made up of cashmere wool contains 80% of cashmere and 20% of silk and sometimes 50% of cashmere and 50% of silk depending upon the content of silk and cashmere.Different products can be manufactured from Pashmina such as Shawl, Scarf, and Stole.It also can be used to wrap gifts and cover newborn babies.Pashmina also helps to spice up your appearance.You can get pashmina in varieties of colors. The common size of pashmina shawl is 36" x 80", stole is 28" x 60" and scarf is 12"x 60".

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    • Material
    • Cashmere Wool
    • Dimension_(Sizes)
    • 36" x 80", 28" x 60", 12" x 60"
    • Shape
    • Straight
    • Colors
    • Variable
    • Uses
    • Cover new born child, Spice up appearance, Wrap a gift