Shubha Sagun Wool Handicraft Industries- Introduction

Shubha Sagun Wool Handicraft Industries, established in 2007 A.D is a company working in manufacturing and exporting quality wool felt handicrafts from Nepal. We are located in the capital of Himalayan country, Nepal. The only international airport of the country is 8 k.m. far from us.

As of now, there are 51 producers, 3 supervisors and other managerial staffs to support and manage the work. In the country of diversity in case of geography and ethnicity, we are able to accomodate people from variable communities.

We export our product to different countries in Europe, Australia, America and Asia continents. It is a thing of immense pleasure that we have a huge frequency of repeating customers.

The first and foremost concern of Shubha Sagun Wool Handicraft Industries is quality, due to which we are into existence with a good relation with some nice companies in different parts of the globe. Another important thing about us is a team of experienced employees who work hard to give a perfectly finished output. Our supervisors and managers govern their work to meet perfection.

felt ball rug

Majority (about 95 %) of workers in the company are women. Involvement of women in production level to decision making level; in the country where gender inequality is still dominant has somehow helped to balance the situation. They are well paid with decent salaries, bonuses and served with parties and picnic twice a year. The company is strictly against the child labors and working to enhance the income of Nepalese women through skill generating activities.

making felt ball carpet
making felt ball rug

Apart from the office works, women are enrolled in different activities together. We organize a teez (festival in Nepal) party, Picnic program, Monthly talk programs, etc to enhance the experiences of women. We all are like a happy family together working with each other, working for each other.

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