Weight/Country Based Shipping Charge – Best for multiple country business

One of the challenges, that a seller face while selling abroad is in adding shipping costs. Many companies simplify it by adding a flat shipping rate, which is, of course, the highest charge among all the countries, that a company offers to ship too. That being said, the customer from the country that is nearby and has very least shipping cost had to pay the same price as the customer from the farthest region where shipping is much expensive. That would be really unfair for the people, who are located in the region where the shipping charge should be actually 2 to 3 times lesser than they actually pay.

To balance this, we have implemented a weight/country-based shipping system. In this, all the countries where we sell are divided into various zones. The shipping cost is same in each zone while that vary with different zones. For example, Zone A may contain Australia, France, Denmark, etc. whereas Zone B may contain USA, UK, Sweden, etc. This will justify the uneven shipping price as a customer of Zone A would pay different shipping than that of B, where the cost of products remains the same. Below is an illustration of the shipping process.

Weight/Country Based Shipping

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