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  • Buy Entirely Handmade Beautiful Felt Products from Nepal
    Buy Entirely Handmade Beautiful Felt Products from Nepal
    Felt Balls, Felt Ball Rugs, Pashmina, Shoes, Bags, Cat Caves, Trivets, Flowers, Toys and many more
  • Felt Balls Handmade in Nepal
    Felt Balls Handmade in Nepal
    100 % woolen felt balls made with love by Nepalese Women.
  • Pashmina and Yak Wools
    Pashmina and Yak Wools
    Buy Cashmere and Yak Wool - Scarfs, Shawls and Blankets

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We use 100 % raw wool to make our goods. The products are durable and adheres it's original shape for very long time.

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We have very simple return policy. We are dedicated to improve our mistakes.

It has been a great pleasure working with you. The service and co-operation you have provided for these years since the beginning of our work is commendable.
John Wilfson
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    Felt Ball Rug is a handmade product. Many customers are interested to find out the time that it takes to manufacture a rug. The amount of time require to manufacture rug depends upon the sizes and designs of them. Here is a complete list with different sizes on how many days it exactly takes to […]
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    Shubha Sagun Wool Handicraft Industries now sells Yak Wool, Cashmere and Pashmina Items that are available in various sizes and patterns. The items come in both synthesized and Natural (pure) form. A brief description of the items is presented below; Yak Wool Items:  Yak wool items include the products made with Acrylic (80 % to […]
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    All about Felt ball Rugs: Felt ball rugs, also called mats/carpets are the special type of rugs in which Felt balls of same (or different) sizes are stitched together to prepare a seating material. Nowadays, this item is modified to form couches, bean bags and other custom materials. For felt ball rugs preparation, the essential […]
  • Woolen Felt Balls Manufacturing Process
    Wool is the only raw material which is used to make felt balls. Though wool is common material around the globe, the one we use is from New Zealand or Australia. The wool is from Sheep and is extracted without harming the animal. It is in the natural state (i.e. white to beige colored fibers in […]