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What kind of wool is used to felt?

What kind of wool is used to produce felt goods? Felt Ball Rugs are made entirely of felted wool. Wool, which is a basic raw material used to manufacture this type of rugs (carpets) is called Lamb’s wool which is imported from New Zealand. The quality (softness or fiber size) used in most of the […]

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Our Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsibility In addition to the export orientation the company is dedicated in social welfare. It is intended to empower Nepalese women in developing them as productive, literate and self dependent group, which has been the main objective/aim of this industry all the time. In a developing country like Nepal, there is a male […]

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How to make a felt ball rug

How to make a felt ball rug All about Felt ball Rugs: Felt ball rugs, also called mats/carpets are the special type of rugs in which Felt balls of the same (or different) sizes are stitched together to prepare a seating material. Nowadays, this item is modified to form couches, bean bags, and other custom […]

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